Brand new GD-77 had 1 year old firmware

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Just a quick FYI for anyone using the Community CPS.

I recently tried to load a codeplug into a brand new GD-77, only to find that the CPS would not upload to the radio.

On closer inspection, I found that it was running firmware 2.x (I can’t remember the precise version, it was probably 2.6.something).

So the first thing I had to do was update to the latest firmware (3.1.6).

I find it very odd that somehow people are receiving what are supposed to be brand new GD-77 which must have been manufactured some time last year, yet other people receive radios with more versions of software which are totally up to date.


I can’t think of a logical reason why this could have happened.


So, next time you can’t use a brand new GD-77 check its firmware, it could be 12 months out of date !

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  1. B. D. S.

    I just received a warranty replacement unit from Radioddity last Monday and I too found the firmware was old in my new unit. I didn’t even try to load my code plug as I was fully expecting this and just went right for the firmware upgrade as soon as I pulled it out of the box. I have just made this a habit for all electronics from new radar detectors to Android watches.

  2. Roger Clark

    Interesting 😉

    I know some people are reluctant to do a firmware update as soon as they get any device, just in case it “bricks” it.

    But I think the converse is true, and people should probably update straight away, and if the update fails they have better grounds to return it.
    Rather than perhaps 3 months later, when they will have less consumer rights and less practical recourse.

  3. B. D. S.

    Very true Roger… Knock on wood, I’ve never had any device brick on me when doing it’s first firmware update right out of the box; but I’m sure my day is likely coming. I’ve recently discovered an issue in digital mode that I was unaware mine had. When using a code plugged digital channel (using 64 encryption) when I send. Message from my radio (portable 1) to let’s say radio 2 (portable 2), radio 2 along with all other GD-77’s on that channel get my message and the reply to my message goes the my radio 1 along with all other GD-77’s on the channel. I’ve spent HOURS trying to get this to work and am now thinking I might just live with it. If anyone out there has any experience with the messaging working like I think it should work (ie. When I type a message and sent it to a specific radio, only that radio should receive it) please give me a shout. Thanks!

  4. Roger Clark

    I can’t help on the encrypted messages. I only use DMR for amateur radio and encryption is not allowed.

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