Blog offline due to server quota problems

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I woke up this morning to find a load of emails from my hosting company, Hostgator, letting me know that my entire hosting package had been locked because it had gone over its CPU usage quota.


Checking the logs, the problem was being caused by the stm32duino website requiring more CPU capacity than Hostgator can provide on my currently hosting package.


After some communication with Hostgator I have been able to re-activate my the blog part of my hosting, but not the other domains, as they would continue to overload the CPU.


Hopefully, with just my blog enabled on the web server, it should begin to run a little faster and hopefully I will not suffer another outage.

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  1. Andrew Jorgensen

    Have you considered using a static blog generator instead? I pay a few cents a month to host my blog on S3 + CloudFront + LetsEncrypt (not that I get much traffic, but surely lower cost than burning your own rented CPUs). I currently use Pelican, but I’ve been thinking about switching to Hugo.

  2. Roger Clark

    I have looked at other solutions, but I am not just hosting 1 blog.

    I was hosting 5 domains, one of which had a separate sub domain, as well as email not just for me but for my extended family
    In addition I use the hosting to support my work clients, as I sometimes store their content files on the same hosting.

    For the last 4 years I have been hosting and, which ended up consuming more than 100Gb of traffic per month, plus a lot of disk storage.
    However the hosting company tell me that I’ve now exceeded their acceptable use policy, and I’ve had to take both those sites offline permanently.

    A while ago, I did investigate moving everything, to Amazon S3, but the cost of 100G per month traffic and other factors, made it far more expensive than a normal shared hosting package.

  3. Gustavo Guimaraes

    Hi Roger,
    Will the stm32duino forum and wiki be transferred to some other site or to some other responsible?

  4. Roger Clark

    It’s legally impossible to transfer the wiki or the forum, because of the GDPR regulations in Europe and also individual privacy regulations in each individual users country.

  5. Gustavo Guimaraes

    I would help crowdfund so the stm32duino knowledge base wouldn’t die…

  6. Pablo Sanchez

    Hi Roger,
    is there any hope to see your blog working again?
    I am a huge fan of your work. FYI: I have been working in my spare time in a low-cost incubator for developing countries for a NGO based in your last 4 years work (just to make you feel proud).
    Thank you very much Roger!

  7. Roger Clark

    I thought the blog was working again.

    I’ve added some plugin’s to my WordPress installation to help reduce server load by caching and minimising data.

    However, in the long term I’ll probably need to move to a new hosting company, as the server performance I’m getting seems to get worse every day

  8. Roger Clark


    I started to shut down the site nearly a year ago, because I don’t have the time run it anymore.
    The privacy laws like GDPR and my local privacy laws, have huge penalties for data breaches, which IMHO make it impossible for an individual to run a forum.

    The laws also make it impossible to transfer the site to anyone else, because I would be legally liable for any identifiable information transferred to a third party.

  9. Edesio

    Would you accept donations to keep the site up?

    Is it possible to transfer the large files to another location?

  10. Roger Clark

    Its not the just cost, its the time taken for me to administer the site and the increasingly complex privacy laws throughout the world that prevent the site being transferred to anyone else, or even make it possible for an individual to run a forum a forum without having to take on enormous personal risks relating to the penalties for private data breaches.

    I think over time there will be less and less forums run by individuals, as its far too much risk.

  11. yoann

    I duno about you local privacy laws, but regarding GDPR, it only affects professional websites, not individuals websites.
    Were the stm32duino wiki and forum ran as professional websites ?

  12. Dirk

    I can operate the forum and the wiki on my webspace if you want to.

    (we can use the domain “” for it -> but it will work also without using this domain name)

    Before taking over the data we can “anonymize” the Forum User-Data (on database-level),
    to not getting in conflict with GDPR-Law.

    monthly traffic doesn’t matter but how much GB of HDD-space would be used ? (files and databases ?)

    I run already some non commercial forums under European GDPR-Law – it’s not a big problem if you know and pay attention on all the necessary GDPR precautions carefully …

    Now it’s up to you !

  13. Roger Clark

    Each country has their own privacy laws, including where I am in Australia.
    I’ve taken legal advice and transfer of the site could potentially breach privacy laws.

  14. Roger Clark

    See my comment to Dirk.