Beta GD-77 CPS and Firmware v3.1.0???

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For anyone who wants to download the latest version of the GD-77 Community CPS , please use these links


For anyone using the old firmware (version v 3.0.6 ) please use this installer


For anyone using the latest firmware version 3.1.0 to 3.1.8  etc , please use this installer


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I few days ago, I posted about what I understood to be the new GD-77 CPS and firmware, version 3.1.0

However it soon became clear that the version I downloaded, was not an official release, and would be better described as beta software


Currently its unclear what this version actually is.

Radioddity announced in several places that the new CPS and firmware would be released this week.  Well, they said last week that it would be “next week”.

But this version, seems to have at least one serious bug, in that it is not compatible with ActiveClient, and I’m not sure the DMR ID database system works in it at all.

In addition, most of the known bugs in the official CPS don’t seem to have been fixed in this version

There does not seem to be any enhancements except for a new setting associated with Scan Time.

The only bug fix is listed as “VFO Bug” which looks like it may relate to the Dual Direct Capability , uncommanded transmit issue.


Strangely, the RX Group List system was changed to allow more Talk Groups per Rx Group List, but I’ve no idea what benefit this change would be to most Amateur Radio operators.

What people have actually been requesting from Radioddity is the removal for the need to specify a RX Group at all, and simply to be able to either listen whatever TG is selected as the Tx contact, or to be able to always listen on all TGs  in the same way that promiscuous mode aka Monitor mode operates.


Also, this version does not fix the bug when channel numbers above 256 are used in scan lists, and the display is blank.

Nor does it add any useful enhancements, like the ability to adjust the squelch in any more levels. etc etc


So, if this version was intended to be representative of what is going to be in the new release, its very disappointing indeed, and I will not be wasting any more time with it.


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  1. Douglas

    Well thank you Roger for the Update on CPS 3.1.0. This explains all the troubles I encountered with this Beta release.

    I tried updating, however I was always getting a import error “wrong format” maybe I should read out using activeclient and see if something has changed in format if csv header.

    using more than 255 Channels is possible. But this is not possible with the original CPS. However only first 255 channels will be rightfully displayed and the rest is parts of channel and scanlists names. Basically a mumbo jumbo scattered display of useless information.

    I added 15 seconds instead of 5. Sorry not so sure if this meant to stop 15 seconds at a active channel, then go on scanning.
    My gd77 runs all the time in scan and stays on channel till no activity and starts scanning again.

    The Admit Criteria for Colourcode free which stops ham operators talking during activity has not been fixed.

    Sorry to say this but after waiting 3 months on a fixed version from Radioddity of firmware and CPS this is not worth taking the effort.

    All Rx-groups again have to be renamed and rewritten then comes the only real thing! I appreciated in this update. adding of a further 16 talkgroups to one Rx-groups.

    So enough. have a nice weekend
    73 Douglas

  2. Roger Clark

    Hi Douglas

    No worries

    I thought I better post an update, explaining what had been going on…

    Since writing the post, I’ve heard that 2 bugs have been fixed.
    The one that Radioddity describe as “VFO Bug” is the Uncommanded transmit bug, caused by Dual Direct Capacity being selected when the VFO is set in FM mode, and then changed to Digital mode.

    And one other small bug has been fixed, where the GD-77 looks like it gets stuck half way between Channel mode and VFO mode, if you try to put it into VFO mode while its scanning….

    I’d not heard about the Admit Criteia for colourcode free, being fixed, I’ll pass that on…

    But overall, I’d agree, that there was a lot of expectation that after waiting 3 months for 12 known bugs to be fixed, only 2 or 3 get fixed and nothing new is added from the wish list

    If this was an open source device, I’m sure there would be more frequent updates of both bug fixes and also enhancements

  3. Douglas

    Well if Radioddity needs a full working codeplug using therr 3.1.0 firmware. they can contact you. I sent you my cp.

    If anybody wants to try updating from 2.6.6 or 3.0.6 there are two ways of doing this. However it takes a couple of hours to do, depending on how many channels is in codeplug.

    I updated to 3.0.6 and using a codeplug that I already edited using Commuinty Version (because of scanlist problem). I updated to 3.1.0 and read out the codeplug in radio. Deleted all rx-groups and readded refilled with 32 tx-contacts. Then changed all channels and linked them back to there Rx-groups. This was easy way.

    Reimporting both CVS everything must be rewritten. Relinked and takes alot of time.

    Now going to try updating with activeclient.exe and switch to VFO in scan mode. Thx 4 Info to bug

  4. Roger Clark

    I was going to update my Community version of the CPS to support the new firmware, but as this release of 3.1.0 seems to be a beta, I think I could be wasting my time.
    So I’m going to wait until there is an official / stable released version

  5. Douglas

    Roger am sorry. I can not reproduce the descriped bug of trying to put radio into VFO while scanning.
    When I try this, radio does not stop scanning. It just continues without any interference. All is okay and I pressed many times trying to break out of scan mode. Only up / down breaks the scanning or green button.

    What I did notice is in the top VFO the radio no longer blinks whilst scanning and not showing that it scans, such as it does in channel mode. But blinking occurs in the bottom VFO scans.

    The new 15 seconds scantime i have still not found. Still looking maybe this is not actived. I set time in general settings.

  6. Roger Clark

    I’m not exactly sure how to reproduce that bug, but apparently it is in 3.0.6 but has been fixed in 3.1.0

    I will find out more details and reply when I know more….

  7. Douglas

    Scantime works however because of the bug with scanlists this is hard to get it going and keeping my codeplug still sorted with the scanlists up to 1024 channels.
    In general settings click time and in scanlists the time can be set.

    Activeclient is not communicating now with this version and old memory updated in still there and being displayed. But I think they have changed memory map somewhere here.

    73 Douglas DF4DQ

  8. wd8knd


    Am I understanding this correctly. If we would go to v3.1, we would AGAIN have to rewrite our code plug? If that is the case, that is ridiculous! I’m not a coder, programmer, but just a ham. It takes a long time for us to do that. I’ve never owned software where you had to redo all your settings every time you did an upgrade.
    Thanks for all your insight.

  9. EvO

    Hi Roger, thank you for your priceless support.
    I agree with you that bugfixs issued from Radioddity team are rather few compared to the high number of known ones.
    The problem with Admit Criteria Colourcode free is quite serious and they should have corrected it quickly, but sadly even with this latest release nothing happened.
    Maybe as well as the problem of self-transmission, in the new code they fixed factory reset, who know.
    Also that is so much annoying, but I haven’t the new code for test it because they haven’t yet made it available for download on their website.
    About problems, what do you think about the one occurs while TX and RX on different band (VHF-UHF)?
    Is that on the firmware side or the firmware one?
    Thanks Roger.

  10. Roger Clark


    Its quite baffling what Radioddity are doing, (or in this case not doing….)

    The only thing I can think of which would explain their lack of ability to fix bugs as that Radioddity don’t actually have access to the CPS or firmware source code, because the radio is almost certainly designed and manufactured by TYT.

    Probably…. Radioddiy buy the MD-760 from TYT and sell it as the GD-77, and initially TYT did some customisation for the western market, of both the CPS and the firmware.
    Radioddity are probably unable to make any changes (bugfixes and enhancements) themselves and have to request changes from TYT.

    But changes will cost TYT time and money, and TYT may not even still have the same programmers working for them who wrote the code, and it would be difficult and time consuming for new programmers to pick up the code and fix it.

  11. Roger Clark

    Radioddity say you have to rebuild your whole codeplug again from scratch 🙁

    In my experience, the new CPS opens codeplugs created by the previous version (for firmware 3.0.6), but the RX Group lists are screwed up, and as the Rx Group lists are used in the Channels, the Rx Group list would have to be changed for every Channel.

    However several other people have told me their codeplug had Rx Group Lists, Channels and Contacts screwed up.

    I think for safety sake you would need rebuild it from scratch

  12. Roger Clark


    Thats what I’ve heard. the DMR ID function to display the callsigns, works but its impossible to update that part of the radio

  13. Douglas

    If Monitor is switched on all incoming calls are now showed as ALL CALL.
    But if you export and reimport contacts the ALL CALL gets changed to private call in codeplug. But this again destroys scanlists over 255. So after reimport no chance making a allcall.

    I give up testing this one untill a new firmware comes up. At moment it’s working just as good as if, I had the 3.0.6. Just can’t update stuff on it.

    73 Douglas

  14. Roger Clark

    Thanks Douglas

    Several people have noticed this new bug for Monitor mode.

    I’m writing a list of all the bugs I’m aware of and I will post that later, but its a big list and will take a while to write…

  15. Det Vogrs

    The next Beta v3.1.1 has been with Beta testers for a week now. Looking much better, but still not quite ready for public release.

  16. Roger Clark

    Hi Det

    I’ve heard that v3.1.1 still has bugs, including the problem where the Tx power is set to zero following the GD-77 doing a factory reset (e.g. when it doesn’t like the codeplug)
    Also the ready to transmit beep still doesnt work, nor does the display of channels when the scan list uses channels > number 256

    I suspect they will eventually release it as version 3.1.1 but judging by current progress, I don’t think it will be ready in the very near future

  17. Brit

    What keys do you press to load the DMR? Also, how do you do a factory reset? Thanks!

  18. Roger Clark

    DMR ID is not supported yet in my CPS.

    Also a bug in firmware 3.1.0 prevents it working completely

    If you use firmware 3.0.6 the zip with the CPS contains a folder called DMR ID which has documentation on how to upload using the ActiveClient tool.

    I don’t know how to do a factory reset. But it happens if you upload a codeplug which the GD77 has problems with