Archive of GD-77 firmware uploaded to GitHub

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Because Radioddity do not seem to maintain an archive of all the firmware versions that they have released for the GD-77 I have decided to add those files an existing GitHub repository I created some time ago to document various aspects of the GD-77


The firmware file I have copies of, have been uploaded to


This includes versions not officially released and versions which have been subsequently withdrawn


3.1.0 was subject of a soft launch and then removed

3.1.2 seems to be a pre-release / beta, which for some reason has not been released as an official version, despite it being soft-launched to various places, several weeks ago.


I’ve also included the updater exe and its support file, as this works with all firmware versions.


I know there were other versions, with 2.x version numbers but I don’t have copies of these, and some of them were very buggy, and withdrawn by Radioddity.

However I will try to get hold of these missing version, just so that a complete record is kept, as it may eventually help us jail-break the GD-77 firmware.



I have added some more versions.

This is potentially all there ever were, but if anyone knows of any versions I’ve missed and has those versions, please let me know

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  1. ken

    2.6.9 is here >>

  2. Roger Clark

    Thanks Ken

    I’ve downloaded that and uploaded just the .sgl (firmware) file to GitHub

  3. ken

    no probs, always happy to help if i can

  4. Savo


    I want to report a bug in version 3.1.2. Bug is in Scan lists, you can create a new scan list and add channels, but you can not delete them or move channes up, or down.
    Does anyone have a similiar issue?

  5. Roger Clark

    Is this on the Scan List screen ?

    I added some channels to a scan list and the Up and Down buttons work OK for me.

  6. Savo

    Yes, this is on scan list, I do not know what ahppaneded.. maybe is this related also to CPS..I have 25 scan lists and If I want to add chanels to 24th or 25th I can, biut if I reopen them again, channels disaper. This happened only to last two. On other Scan lists, I can not edit them.

  7. Savo

    HI Roger.. FALSE ALARM.. sorry… I have downloaded again latest version of CPS, installed it again and now everything is working fine without any problems in Scan lists…. I do not know what happened…

  8. Roger Clark

    Hi Savo

    I know some changes made by Mike DL2MF had some side effects, but I’m not sure if he changed the scan list screen.

    I have been correcting some issues in Mike’s changes, so perhaps that’s what happened in this case.

    Anyway, at least its working OK now. 😉

  9. Anonymous

    Is there any chance we’ll see release notes for the versions of the firmware?

  10. Roger Clark

    I don’t have the release notes

  11. EvO

    Some news fro Radioddity:

    [New] GD-77 Update Firmware & Software V3.1.3

    Repair Firmware-GD-77 [Only Frequency Offset Problem Radio]

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