Adding new features to the GD-77 CPS

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Just a quick teaser about a new feature I’m adding into the Community version of the CPS

Douglas DF4DQ sent me a link to a standalone utility called “GD77Generator”, which can import contacts into the old version of the GD-77 codeplug, asking if a similar feature could be included directly into the Community CPS.

With some reverse analysis of this utility, I was able to locate the two data sources it uses; DMR-MARC’s user database and more interestingly the “Last Heard” database from


As the GD-77 can only store 1024 contacts, including talk groups, I find that trying to use the DMR-MARC database as a source of contacts is fairly useless, because even if I filter the DMR-MARC data by country, to only include Australia, in my case, this still gives more contacts than will fit into the limited storage in the GD-77.

However the “Last heard” data is much more useful, as it can be filtered by country and is also sorted by most recently heard on the net, and hence the ID’s at the beginning of the data from ham-digital are the ones which are most likely to be useful, as they are the most active startions


By using the Last Heard data, I have been able to add a new screen to the CPS which allows data to be download by specifying the beginning of the ID number e.g. 505 for Australia.

The new screen is accessed via a new button on the Digital Contacts screen (the same screen which has the Import and Export spreadsheet function)


The new screen then checks whether each downloaded ID is already in the contacts, and displays them as a list.

The entire list can then be selected, or just individual ID’s can be selected and added into the contacts.

If anyone would like to Beta test this new feature, they can download the “Development” version of the CPS from here


Please be aware, that although this version has this new feature, it may also contain bugs which are not in the stable version of the software

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  1. Dougie

    Thanks , Keep up the good work .

  2. Roger Clark

    No worries

    I’m hoping to integrate the DMR ID functionality this week.

  3. Dougie

    Nice one i look forward to testing it .

  4. mike

    would it be possible to use http instead of https for the download? Trying to use this feature throws up an SSL error on a winxp box.

  5. Roger Clark


    I just cut and paste the address into my code, so I expect it would work with http rather than https.
    In fact sometimes I find sites work faster then using http, and see no reason to use https in many cases.

    So… I will change this a bit later today

    I also have to fix a minor issue, were the import is likely to add your own ID and callsign to contacts, as it does not (but should…) filter out the users own ID.

  6. Israel Lavee

    Hi Roger,
    1. good work, thank you
    2. I’ve downloaded and used the new CPS and i have a question, on the last heard list, you have a number on the right side, what is the meaning of these numbers? are they the highest appearance of these LH callsigns or vise versa? i naturally like to implement in my contact list the most active hams
    thank you
    Izzy 4X1UF

  7. Roger Clark

    I think those numbers are an indication of the number of days since that station was heard on the DMR-MARC (and possibly the Brandmeister network)

    So since its sorted with those numbers ascending by default, I think if you select the number of rows you want, from the top down it will give you the best result in terms of stations which are most likely to hear

    I download the data from

    But I can’t find any documentation on the feature which I’m using which searches their database, by the region / country ID

  8. Israel Lavee

    Thanks Roger for making it clear to me… now it make sense.

  9. Roger Clark

    Can you suggest a column title for those numbers, ?

    As I can update the app to make it clearer for everyone ….

  10. Luis Cavaleiro

    Congratulations, it’s very good. Thank you for your work. 73’s of CT2HKY

  11. Roger Clark


    Try this beta version

    It uses http rather than https
    It also checks that its not adding its own ID as a contact
    It also removes any part of the “name” after a space. I did this because sometimes people put their whole name into the First Name field at DMR MARC, and since the GD77 only has 16 characters for Callsign and Name, it will not fit “VK3KYY Roger Clark” and instead would add “VK3KYY Roger Cla”
    Hence for anyone who has entered multiple first names with a space it just keeps the first part of the name, i.e the text up to the first space character.

  12. Dougie

    Roger Radioddity said they are bringing out a update this week Will you be haveing a look at it to see if all your work can be added to the new firmware .

  13. Roger Clark


    I’m eagerly awaiting the new version, which I presume with be a new version of the CPS as well as new firmware.

    I’ll then need to look at the changes and hopefully be able to update my version to be compatible

    Speaking to Colin G4ELM who has looked in detail at the different versions of codeplug formats that Radioddiy has used since releasing the GD-77 , each revision doesnt seem to change that much, so I’m hoping they won’t change too much in this release.

    BTW. Radioddity said last week that the new version would be out this week, but the week is already half way though for me, and there is no sign of the new firmware, so they may have been a bit optimistic about their release date.

  14. Vic

    Hi Roger .. With the new enhancements you added to 2.05 Community edition are welcome great stuff ……… With the Contact download and import from Last heard list ……….. Selection from the download listings less than number of days ………??? Highlighting the interested and meeting the criteria say LESS THAN 100days ???? Only Select ALL button selects complete list …Any chance I missed something or the beta version has continued details to iron out..
    Very interested in the upcoming NEW FW you mention and your continued work on the Re-ENGINEERING efforts THANK YOU…. Vic

  15. mike

    Thanks Roger, the http version worked, no errors loaded OK but I still don’t get the callsign/name coming up on the display only the DMR ID shows up… Should they? Or does it need to be in the DMR ID side for this to work?

  16. Roger Clark

    Hi Mike.

    I’ve not tried it on Windows XP.

    The columns should contain, ID Number, Callsign, Name, and number of days since last heard on the network

    It sounds like there is a font issue with those texts not displaying.

    Did you try importing anyway ?

  17. Roger Clark

    I was told that these were the new version, but its possible they are a pre-release.

    I am not a Beta testers, I just got sent the files by one of my contacts

    However, even if they are a pre-release, there is no signs of the simple bug fixes needed in the CPS and even less signs of changes to the firmware, apart from it seems to do more checking of the codeplug.

  18. Scott Evans

    Hi Roger, If you happen to be after any beta testers then I’m happy to raise my hand !

  19. Israel Lavee Izzy

    I’ll be glad too. Izzy 4X1UF

  20. Thanks for the work you are doing on the software for the GD-77 we all appreciate it. 73. Martin MM0DUN

  21. Dougie

    Hi Roger is there any thing that can be done with the Open Squelch on Analog channels ? . When you press button you here noise for about 2 secs then cuts off again. You have to hold the button in all the time for Analog on Open Squelch . It would be good if the Squelch can be turned off for satellite work like SO50 And ISS .

  22. mike

    everything is working correctly, it just so happened to be that the first 4 people to pop up on the local repeater were not in the last heard list. Thanks!

  23. Roger Clark



    So no need for me to fire up my 2004 Windows XP laptop…

  24. Roger Clark

    Unfortunately there is virtually no control of the squelch available via the CPS and codeplug.
    There is supposed to be another byte of data in the codeplug for advanced squelch control but its ignored by the firmware.

  25. Rolf -DJ7TH-

    Hi Roger, is that ok, that your new CPS version does not create a data folder when installing?