Radioddity GD-77 is almost certainly a Tytera MD-760

Radioddity GD-77 is almost certainly a Tytera MD-760

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I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that Radioddity is just a brand name of Tytera for some time, as it seemed strange that the Radioddity GD-77 just happened to fit into the Tytera MD-380 charger.

Then looking in the GD-77 codeplug data file, I noticed that the beginning of the binary file has this


4D 44 2D 37 36 30 50 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF

Which in ACSII is


So the first characters are MD-760 or possibly MD-760P


Looking up the MD-760, I found various rumors that the Radioddity GD-77 is a Tytera MD-760, including on


TYT MD 760

But most convincing was this Chinese site, which included good photos of the MD-760


Which lists a

Tycoon TYT MD-760 digital dual-mode walkie-talkie UV double DMR digital walkie-talkie






Going back to the codeplug, the GD-77 codeplug, is totally different to the MD-380 codeplug, and the transceivers seem to have totally different hardware, so I don’t think that have a huge amount in common, apart from the charger.

But I’m now convinced more than ever that Radioddity is Tytera, and possibly Baofung is also Tytera.

Basically they are all brand names of Quanzhou Nanan Teyitong Electronic Co.,Ltd

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