Don’t buy this smartwatch / fitness tracker !

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Just a quick post about another smartwatch / fitness tracker that I was miss-sold on eBay

Its title was
A16 Bluetooth Smart Watch Health Wrist Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Sports New
Do NOT buy this watch


It is listed as using the Nordic nRF52832 Bluetooth MCU, but when I opened the watch to see how to reprogram it, I found it contained a Dialog processor


Unfortunately as I had already accepted the item, and given feedback in eBay.
But as the item was delivered by registered post with a tracking code and I had to sign for it, the vendor knows I received it, so I couldn’t simply pretend it had never arrived (which is sometimes the best option with dodgy vendors as they have to resend or give a refund if you don’t receive the goods)


I have written to the vendor ( )  to complain, I doubt they care, so I think I’ve just wasted $30 as I bought 2 of them.


But I doubt I will get a good resolution from this.

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