Troubleshooting the nRF51822

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I’ve had quite a few comments where people are having problems uploading or running sketches on the nRF51822, so as I don’t have time to answer individual questions, I thought it best to try to cover the main reasons that … Read More

ESP8266 for Arduino

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I suspect this will be a short lived project, because the original project team will hopefully refactor their repo ,( to address the need to download a custom version of the whole of the Arduino IDE.

Porting OneWire to Arduino STM32

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Onewire devices are commonly used with the Arduino, including the excellent DS18x20 thermometer. Unfortunately the OneWire library accesses the micro-controller GPIO hardware directly. This appears to be in order to meet the bus timings when using 16Mhz AVR devices. The … Read More

Wiki for Arduino STM32 etc

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Because the thread on the Arduino forum is now huge, 50 + pages; by popular demand I’ve added a wiki to the GitHub repo which over time should help new users over the initial hurdles See Support for the … Read More

Updates to Arduino_STM32 code

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Over the last 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve made a lot of changes to the code on GitHub ( ) The main addition has been SPI, which generally conforms to the Arduino 1.0.x API, and I have successfully compiled and … Read More